16 Aug

A Cocktail Warm-Up Before Dinner

A reservation at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa awaits you on the beautiful Nusa Lembongan, but of course you’re not quite ready to go to your table…just yet. The sun is still shining, the beautiful day is about to come to a set, and it’s Happy Hour time! Yes, that’s right, Happy Hour. Our favourite time of the day, filled with good tunes, beautiful scenery, and discounted cocktails. So why not stop by our sister venue, The Deck Cafe & Bar for a cocktail or two…or three….or four…. before your delicious dinner upstairs?! We know that with the holiday-relaxed mind, sometimes decisions can be challenging on vacation, so this way you get to enjoy the best of two of our worlds! Kick back and relax with one of the carefully crafted, fresh cocktails at The Deck, and carry on the fun upstairs for a fine dining experience. If you ask nicely, the Muntigs Bar & Restaurant bartenders may even be able to shake up the same concoction you loved at The Deck so much, or even something new of their own! You only live once, as they say, so why not indulge yourself for some holiday cocktail & dinner bliss.

Image by @mallyandthemoon