15 Nov

A Place for the Lads & Lassies on Nusa Lembongan Coming Soon



The time is finally in sight… With all the blood, sweat, and Scottish tears to make everything come together, our secret little venue is getting its final touches to open the doors. “The Howff” at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa just had its local Balinese ceremony and blessings by the village priest, with all the bad spirits removed and rituals for energy of good fortune to come.  Tucked away from the Island bustle is an authentic Scottish experience. For a wee dram or a gin globe of the finest calibre, this unique dungeon bar on the rocks over the sea is the first in its class on Nusa Lembongan.  Whet your tastebuds with a plethora of single malts, as well as a unique gin menu of underground, speakeasy finds. Unique pairings served with class by a touch of Scottish-Balinese character, The Howff is the “secret meeting place” where the old school British West meets in the South East. Wee whisky drams for lads & lassies… Doors opening and bottles tipping soon.