08 Aug

Behind Our Scenes… Meet Captain Ketut!



It makes us so happy to share the lives of our staff, especially some who have been with us at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa for almost ten years. This is certainly the case with the smiley and classy Ketut….Or Captain Ketut as he is now called! Ketut is another story of someone who joined our team when only young as a housekeeper after asking for a job when working at the villa next door. He then moved to Muntigs Bar & Restaurant after his housekeeping time, and one day decided to see if the grass really is greener, and left for a year to gain experience elsewhere. However after seeing what else is out there, he wanted his job back with the Batu Karang family. But as sad as it was to lose him in the first place, the cheeky owner made him wait. And wait….and wait. Until one day he finally agreed to give Ketut his job back, and Ketut has never looked for the greener grass since. Why did he want his job back? Well his first answer was the owner of course! But he also really likes his friends on the Food & Beverage team. And of course he likes that he works somewhere that he could buy a house, take his kids to the Bali Zoo, and especially now he has been able to buy his own boat – hence “Captain” Ketut! He always finds it funny when the guests remember him, but of course seeing so many new faces, he can never remember who everyone is! Being the gentlemen that he is, Ketut is always grateful for the guests who come back and remember him. We hope one day you will be back and can say hi to Ketut – give him a little test to see if he remembers you too!