24 Apr

Behind Our Scenes: Meet Executive Chef Matthias


He is the man behind the menus, the culinary creator at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, Executive Chef Matthias! Originally from Munich, Germany, Matthias has certainly brought some of that German “perfection” element to his gastronomical work, with the luxury food standards the guests and staff are loving experiencing. Having been a Chef for 18 years, Matthias’ original motivation was to have a job that both honed his creativity where he could also travel. He shares that his parents wanted him to have a solid job that would be hard to lose, and as Matthias says that people “always eat, get sick, & [move on]” so it’s been a safe profession for him! His goal was to be a Chef on every continent, with his resume already having worked in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, the Cook Islands, and now Bali. He has Africa and the Americas still too fulfil his dreams! Matthias’ specialty is French & Mediterranean cuisine, where he likes to fusion whatever local cuisine he is working with. So what does a Chef eat when out of the kitchen? Well this one, his hearty German & Italian of course! And with the selection of cuisines he has worked with, what does Matthias like best about working at Batu Karang on Nusa Lembongan? He likes the range of food offering at all three restaurant venues, Muntigs Bar & Restaurant, The Deck Cafe & Bar, & The Howff Whsiky, Gin, & Wine Bar. He says that with the variety we offer, he is constantly challenged every day and is also is very proud of the staff, as he loves teaching and sharing knowledge. The staff must appreciate him too, as on his birthday they surprised him by finding where he lived and showing up at his house with a birthday cake singing Happy Birthday! A very special surprise indeed. At the end of the day, Matthias says he is still “the son of a mum who wants him to come home,” but in the meantime Matthias and his wife are enjoying the friendly Balinese people & the new culture, and all the beauties and challenges that come with it. Please come visit us for some of Matthias’ creative dishes and shared perfection.