26 Sep

Cocktail Recovery at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant



You attended Sunday Sunset Sessions at The Deck Café & Bar last night, and had a little too good of a time (we can’t blame you – it’s a really good night!). Despite the healthy fresh juice you had to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, your head is sadly still feeling the holiday party pain. At Muntigs Bar & Restaurant at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort  Day Spa, we have a “last resort” solution to help you out, and that is the beautiful Bloody Lembongan. It’s our creative twist on the traditional Bloody Mary with plenty of juicy vitamins to complement the kick that fixes the aching head. Colourful and refreshing, we have a delicious fresh chili and South East Asian lemongrass garnish, you can’t help but snap a colourful pic of this party elixir before enjoying the benefits. It may or may not lead to another one, but we are here to help your day in whatever way we can so that your well-earned holiday time is not wasted from the fun of the night before. Besides, who knows where it could lead to the next day. What’s that saying, “no good story ever started from eating a salad!” – well we certainly take this very literally. So please sit back and relax with us, we will take care of the tough business while your challenge is which direction to position your seat to get the best view angle and breeze. You have earned this guilt-free vacation time.