18 Jul

Fresh From Our Garden to Your Plate & Glass: The Batu Karang Lime Tree



It doesn’t get any more organic than this…fresh fruit grown on the property of Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, picked in the morning by our kitchen staff to use in our dishes and drinks for you that same day. Yum! From seedlings to harvesting the trees, we nurture and watch these limes grow. The limes are not only beautiful in color to look at, but essential in our fresh dishes such as the Mahi Mahi, Seafood Laksa, Thai Green Curry, Coconut Crusted Chicken, and even our Breakfast Yoghurt & Fruit Bowl. And it doesn’t stop at the kitchen, behind the bar you will get the freshest mojito or lime squash with us. Everyone knows how everything fresh from the garden just tastes that much better, and, well these limes do not disappoint. With their powerful citrus flavor, they certainly pack a little punch. We aren’t kidding when we tell you we use the freshest ingredients on our menu, and here is just one example. Not that we like to brag, but we thought we should let you know just what you are in for when you’re in our Nusa Lembongan home.