29 Aug

Starting Your Day Off Right at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant



It is common knowledge how Bali inspires and fosters a healthy way of living with all of its beautiful fresh produce, to the spiritual energy of the area, to the warm and friendly Balinese who can brighten your day with a smile. We like to promote this holistic healthy living at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa by helping all of our guests get their days off on the right foot despite how many holiday cocktails they may have enjoyed the previous night, or if they are getting ready of a day of relaxing or adventuring! An excellent way to do this is to enjoy one of our famous freshly squeezed juices. With a range of options from the Body Cleanser for when the wine was just too delicious and you had the “ok, just one more” the night before, to the Stress Relief when you are just starting your getaway and needing a little help to relax, to the Energizer when you need a little perk before a surf, we have got you covered with an abundance of fresh fruit, veggies, & herbs to squeeze fresh just for you – some of which come from our very own garden! And the cherry on the icing (or in our case – the bamboo straw in the fancy glass…), is the view you get to enjoy while sitting back, relaxing, and watching the sun circle above Mount Agung and the beautiful Badung Straight with the boats coming and going amongst the surfers at our Nusa Lembongan resort. Please join us for your healthy and happy start.