26 Jul

The Timeless Muntigs Bar & Restaurant View



Have you ever been to that special place where the view just never gets old? At Muntigs Bar & Restaurant at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa we have, and we are filled with gratitude that we get to look at it every single day. And for the last 12 years, while there has been some change over the Nusa Lembongan coast line, we are so happy that the horizon over Mount Agung remained the same. Over the stretches of Jungut Batu Beach and seaweed farming of Nusa Lembongan, we look out over the Badung Straight to the dramatic landscape of Mount Agung, the highest peak in Bali. Not only is Mount Agung a powerful climate force influencing the hourly cloud movement and dynamic view that is never the same, the active volcano has a strong spiritual presence in Bali. With its last eruption in February 1963, it was no coincidence that the lava flow that reached 7km over 20 days somehow missed by meters the Mother Temple Besakih, the largest and holiest Hindu temple in Bali built on Mount Agung. This miracle was a sign to the Balinese people from the gods that Mount Agung wished to display its power while respecting those faithful to the gods. So while being captivated by its view, it is hard not to feel completely humbled by the powerful force of nature as well as the stunning view to look at.


We welcome you to come enjoy the magnificent view that inspires us daily at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant.