08 May

What’s In Our Name?


We are very fortunate to have one of the most beautiful views in Nusa Lembongan, & in Bali for that matter at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa. From the magical Mount Agung, to the stretches of Jungut Batu beach over the Badung Strait. However one of the main features of our view is the active surf breaks. Sitting while at breakfast or even dinner with a beautiful sunset, guests can watch the surfers come and go and catch the waves on the famous Nusa Lembongan breaks. The closest break to us, you will find a good spot for the surfers just getting their feet wet called Playgrounds. Next you will see Lacerations, that when the surf picks up you get to see the most experienced surfers catching the waves. Just past Lacerations is our famous namesake called Muntigs (No Mans), named No Mans, as quite often you can see it and all it’s mighty without anyone on it. There is a reason for this. It can hold extremely big swells, up to 12ft plus. It is the right hander in the middle of the long reef that runs between Razors and Lacerations. Usually not ride able until it reaches 8ft, this wave packs as big a punch as it looks. Razors, this is one for the goofy footers. It is a fast running left on the south side of the channel opposite Shipwrecks. This is a very shallow, fast tubing wave and is best suited to experts if it is over 4ft. Aptly named Razors due to its very sharp reef and shallow water you don’t want to hit the bottom out here. Finally is Shipwrecks, one of the islands most famous surf breaks, this is the right hander you can see at the north end of the island. Best at 3-4ft this wave provides a fun ride for the intermediate to expert surfer.

Now the secret is out to where our name came from! Please join us to sit back & relax with our beautiful surf break view with a unique culinary experience.